Discovering the Cheapest Taxi Providers in the City

OpenStreetCab's Science Team

Openstreetcab users save on average 7$ per journey!*

* Note that the figure is based on analysis done on past user data. Exact savings may change depending on market conditions.

The Application

Minimal Design

Our interface shows only whats important for the user.

Focus on Savings

We help you discover the cheapest taxi company in the city considering your personal trip preferences.

Geolocation Technologies

Get your GPS position with the press of a button. Automated address discovery support.


Get a quick response on current taxi prices exploiting real time data.

OpenStreetCab's Collaborators

Stefano Zaborra


Stas Sychev


Desi Hristova

Data & Design

Jon Crowcroft

Prof. in Comms, Advisor

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Press Coverage

MIT Technology review

Data Mining Reveals When a Yellow Taxi Is Cheaper Than Uber
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When taking a taxi is cheaper than an Uber
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Now you can book a taxi and pay with Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be ideal as it is a known cryptocurrency and used by most of the crypto enthusiasts. Have a look at this bitcoin revolution erfahrungsbericht that talks about a popular Bitcoin trading bot that Bitcoin traders are using to add Bitcoins to their wallets. The trading bot has great potential for returns and the payouts are possible at any times.
With these automated trading platform on the market, traders no longer have to worry about trading. Users can trade from the comfort of their own homes and earn high profits. The only factors to consider is the legitimacy and the fee of the platform.

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Data scientists have isolated the exact times a Yellow Taxi is a better deal than an Uber
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